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How to Create a Multi Million Dollar Crypto Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchanges do make good money by facilitating all the trading that happens in an exchange. The Cryptocurrency exchange charges the user for transactions carried out, which is itself a great income for the Exchange platform. Top Exchanges are generating as much $3 million in fees a day or heading for more than $1 billion per year.

As long as the volume and the user count in exchange is high, the exchange Platform will have high ROI through :

Commission for every trade Carried out- Like mentioned above the exchange platform will charge for each and every trade carried out in exchange.

Loyalty tokens usage- Just like the Binance coin is used for paying transaction fees in the platform, enabling users to get up to 50% discount compared with the prevailing rate for other cryptos. Exchange platform admin will be able to design such loyalty tokens.

Market making- In crypto space, the liquidity is much essential as it helps to trade the cryptocurrencies without compromising the value. The market makers help in this process by providing liquidity and stabilized spreads. The exchange owner will be able to dictate the prices on their exchange platform and this may potentially result in your favor.

Listing fees- The listing fees is another income mode for an exchange. The listing fee varies at each exchange and is usually correlated with the size and popularity of the exchange.

As an owner of your exchange, you can determine the listing fees for tokens that want to access more liquidity through your exchange. As the user count on your exchange grows, the ability to increase listing fees will increase as well.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform development is made simple these days and launching your own exchange is not a time and money consuming process. In order to develop your own exchange, you can directly approach a Cryptocurrency exchange development company who can provide you with a Customized Cryptocurrency exchange script. This will make the works simpler. I would suggest you Pulsehyip a leading cryptocurrency Exchange Development company to start your own exchange.


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