Current State and the Scope of Decentralized Exchanges

The crypto economy is increasingly moving towards Decentralization, which is one the main reason for Decentralized exchange platforms to be so intriguing; and as been said at times decentralized peer to peer exchanges are the most secured form of transfer source.

Currently, close to 99% of Crypto transactions takes place through centralized means, but we can expect this dominance to fall gradually in the near future

“Why We Need Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange/s?”

Decentralized exchange can be explained as an platform that just facilitates trade match among the peers and does not act as an intermediate to hold customer’s fund and private as well as private keys. This is one the reason which can potentially disrupt the Centralized exchanges.

Notable advantages

  • There wont be a single point of failure as the data and funds are more secure as the ownership is in the hands of users.
  • No restriction by law, KYC/AML procedures
  • Faster Transactions between peers
  • User Anonymity

Scope of DEX

Little by little the Decentralized exchange platform is gaining its momentum to get well established and the best example is the launch of Testnet by Binance exchange.

Since the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have dropped significantly within the past year, Binance build new products and services. The at most reason for the launch of stellar decentralized exchange is to offer traders a good level of security, privacy and trust. The Decentralized exchanges are less intuitive and user friendly when compared to other centralized exchanges.

If you are looking for the development of a bug free and featured Decentralized exchange development, you can hire Pulsehyip, top rated Decentralized Exchange Development company that provides high end solutions. We aim to develop powerful, scalable and top quality DEX platform that enables to master the Crypto world.

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