Blockchain Vs Decentralized Apps

Decentralized applications is like a software that connects with the block chain. The user interface of decentralized applications is similar to that of a mobile app or a website. Another important concept of Decentralized application includes Smart contract. Smart contracts acts as the integral building blocks of blockchain.

Decentralized applications are same as the traditional web application. The frontend user will have exact same technology to render the page. The app contains wallet that communicates with the blockchain. The wallet will have cryptographic keys and the blockchain address with public key infrastructure used for user identification and authentication. Unlike the normal process that involves the connection of API connecting to a database, a wallet will initiate the processes of smart contract,that interacts with a blockchain.

The DApp doesn’t compulsorily need to run on a blockchain network but can also run on a P2P network. For example, Bittorrent, BitMessage, Tor are the examples of Decentralized apps that run on a P2P.

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