The best way to start an exchange like Binance

Starting a Crypto Business in the current scenario is made easy with the help of Cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts offered by Cryptocurrency Exchange development company. Pulsehyip provides you with ready made white-labled cryptocurrency exchange script for development of an exchange like Binance.

A Crypto to Crypto Trading Platform

Since its launch in 2017 Binance has experienced a booming number of traders on its platform and the amount is continuously raising even now. Binance facilitates Peer to Peer Trading using the listed cryptocurrencies on its platform (which includes near to 100+ cryptocurrencies). It is said to be one of the largest Exchange with respect to trade volume.

The way Binance works

The Binance offers Basic and Advanced mode of trading options. The use is based on whether the user is advanced or a basic trader. Moverover, any person with a little bit of knowledge about Cryptocurrency and the way Binance platform works should be able to use this platform easily. They also provide a free guide to new users which is usually available in the web.

The advanced version of the user interface will provide you in-depth technical analysis of the digital currency value over the time and the basic version will give the user a graphical representation about the trading details.

                                                  Home page of Binance Exchange 

Why Binance is unique?

Though Binance also supports the huge number of Cryptocurrencies & Tokens, promoting BNB Token in the Crypto Users made their plenty Users stay for their long run. The clone development company provides all the relevant requirements to start your business with Binance Clone Script.

Binance is the native asset on bitcoin chain and represented by the multiple forms of utility and powers the binance ecosystem.

Unique features of Binance Exchange-

  • Fast processing Engine
  • Simple and secure Crypto trading
  • The Use of BNB
  • Ability to add new Assets using BNB
  • Initial Exchange offering
  • Best user interface

How to Build an Exchange like Binance?

Development of an exchange like Binance is always profitable, since the platform will produce a good Revenue Of Income in the end. A Crypto entrepreneur can easily launch an exchange like  using Binance Clone Script. The Clone script will contain codes with added features; thus making it reliable and secure.

Binance Clone Script

  • Ability to accept and pair with any number of ERC20 Tokens and Cryptocurrencies.
  • Customizable Exchange script with updated security features.
  • Development of core wallet for all the integrated cryptocurrencies in the Platform.
  • Alluring charting and technical tools for the ease of traders.
  • Integrated  ICO and Crowdfunding options.

Advantages of Pulsehyip’s Binance Clone script:

  • Options to modify and update Trading and Withdrawal fee  on the exchange.
  • Providing features that helps Admin to enable Liquidity API dynamically based on the market changes.
  • Features to list any number of ERC20 tokens
  • Users can promote their own launched token on the exchange easily.
  • Users can enable Copy Trade or BOT trading option to get maximum profits.
  • The processing of trading order only after 2 factor authentication and SMS verification is done.

Phone number-+91 6384088485

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