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Bitcoin – Success Stories

There are whole lot of Bitcoin millioniares out there. Bitcoin has become a digital asset that every business personnel would try to invest upon. With more and more Bitcoin success stories, it is recognized as the most substantial Cryptocurrency in this scenario.

Many people are not still aware about the possible outcomes by the investments on Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies. Even though Bitcoins have not yet reached the peak value, its venture will still make us to believe that it will reach its heights in the near future.

It is been said that there is cap of maximum 21 million bitcoins that can be mined, which when fully been liquefied will leave us to depend on the bitcoins in the circulation. This means that there is massive scope of investing and earning in the future.

Few people have understood this concept much earlier. This blog will give you the insight about Bitcoin Millionaire stories. We all do know very well that Bitcoin prices were very low during its initial stages due to which people who have already invested in bitcoins at the beginning of crypto launch or during the crash of Bitcoin have turned out to be fortunate.

The Wanderlust

A mysterious millionaire- Mr. Smith who chose to stay out of spot light had a good experience with Bitcoins. He became a millionaire with the cash he made out of Bitcoins. He was software engineer in silicon valley and when he came to know about cryptocurrencies because of which he invested near to $3000 on Bitcoins. And in the year 2013 when Bitcoins prices began to show off, he sold some of his Bitcoins and quit his job to began his voyage around the world with the money he made out of Bitcoins.

High School Dropout

Erik Finman a 15 year old boy got the idea to try his luck in investment in 2012. When he got $1000 dollars as a gift from his grandma for Easter day, he decided to buy Bitcoins and a year later his investment was worth $100000 with which he decided to make his own business venture called Its a service that allows video tutoring services and in return the payment in given in the form of Bitcoins.

The Owner of ‘Crypto Castle’

Jeremy Gardner, who began to do research about Bitcoins got convinced in the 2014 that Bitcoins are going to be the future. For the exchange of some money he bought Bitcoins and within a span of time his net worth got doubled. He became a self made millionaire at the age of 25. He is the co-founder of the Crypto Castle, a three-story residence in San Francisco where the Cryptocurrency entrepreneurs will stay and cooperate. Many startup firms like Augur and were built in this house!

The First Employee at Coinbase

Carlson Wee the first employee of coinbase in the year 2013 had a strong belief on cryptocurrencies ever since he knew about its existence. Even though many didn’t have knowledge about Cryptocurrencies, he went on with investing his money in Bitcoin.

He also managed to get his salary in the Bitcoins rather than Fiat currency. Now his assets are worth more than 200 million US Dollars.

Bought and Forgot

Kristoffer Koch, who was writing a thesis about encryption in the year 2009 bought 5000 Bitcoins for 150 Kroner ($26.60). But he totally forgot about it. In the year 2013 when Bitcoin took up the spot light he remembered that he too owns some Bitcoins.

Since it was stored in E wallet it was safe but he forgot the password. After nemerous attempts, he was successful in logging in and to his surprise, they were $886,000.

Summing up

Anyone can invest in Cryptocurrencies and since there are evolving Altcoins at hand, its always worth the investment. The investment can also be in the form of crypto Exchange startup or Crypto Investment Business like HYIP. In the end it is worth it!


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