Features of Local Bitcoins Clone script

Below are the list of special features supported by our Local Bitcoin Clone script.

Supports Escrow Wallet- Once the trading begins, Our Escrow wallet is activated. This means the the Crypto gets transferred to an escrow wallet. As the seller agrees with the whole transaction process, the escrow wallet will then release the cryptocoin to the buyer’s wallet. This is mainly done to protect the Buyer.

Two factor Authentication- This feature helps to secure the transaction of Buyer and seller in a market by two different authentication methods.

Crypto Wallet- Provision of Crypto Wallet for Storing the user’s cryptocurrency in a safe and secured way. In order to carry out the transaction, the buyer must provide wallet address to the seller to receive the cryptocurrency.

Ad on the Platform- Users can create advertisement to buy or sell Bitcoin Online or Offline. It helps in finding the Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency easily.

Multi Cryptocurrency Support- Multi Crypto support will allow the users to carry out trading without any hindrances.

Incorporation of DEX- Since LocalBitcoin is a decentralized exchange, adding the features of DEX will make the website to new height.

AML/KYC- Local bitcoin clone script will be incorporated with Anti money Laundering and Know your Customer regulations for the users’s identification. This will help the users to signup and post their trade at free of cost and set limits.

Why to develop a Local Bitcoin Clone script?

As an admin you will be able to set the transactions fees on your platform.(A transaction is said to be completed only when the commission is transferred to your wallet and the buyer receives the cryptocurrencies in his wallet). Also you will be able to earn commission from all the transactions on your exchange.

Benefits of Local Bitcoin Clone script

  • Faster and secure transactions
  • Friendly user interface
  • Provision of feed back system
  • Feedback systems

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