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Recent Updates in Paxful Exchange-Ideas to being with an Exchange like Paxful

Paxful being one of the best P2P cryptocurrency exchange, has recently been updating abound features in its platform to lure many traders. All the while, many entrepreneurs like to launch their own exchange platform based on Paxful’s model of working, in order to have a good base for their exchange business.

Now let’s see one of the recent updates of Paxful. With that you could easily understand how a favorable update can help you reach out to many traders.

The recent introduction of Paxful for the trade between gold and Bitcoin on its platform which involves facilitating physical trade in 16 different countries as captured many eyes. This is been said as one of the high demand from the customer side.

After the trade is been accepted by both the parties, the bitcoin will remain in the Paxful’s escrow until the physcial delivery of the gold is confirmed. Once the trade is opened in the platform, the transaction must be completed within 21 days. During this process, the Paxful will not physically track or touch the gold traded on the platform.

Mandatory KYC for accounts that have traded over $50 in gold to to comply with Anti-Money Laundering obligations.

Emphasizing that gold has been “used as a store of value for millennia” the CEO said gold was the obvious next step for them.“With the recent economic downturn, people still prefer gold as a safe investment with some already reporting shortages of supply,” he adds.

This is for entrepreneurs to note that ” these kind of updates in the platform is time oriented” or can be directly said as the futuristic view about the economic recession all over the world. Should really say that its a very good move!

So, entrepreneurs figure out all your possible ideas that you can add up to your Paxful clone website, because we, Pulsehyip can help you out to customize your platform based on your needs with the help of White label Paxful clone script.

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