Million Money MLM Clone Script

Million Money MLM clone script is a smart contract MLM clone script that holds codes to develop a smart contract based MLM Platform like Million Money, that is functional based on the Ethereum smart contract blockchain.

Pulsehyip can help you develop decentralized MLM platform like Million money. The developed MLM platform will run under Ethereum smart contract with each p2p transactions and member allocation under its control. The script codes for a  hack-proof, user-friendly, fast-performing MLM platform

What is Million Money?

Million money is a Multilevel marketing business platform that’s completely different from any traditional MLM business website. The MLM platform is proposedly decentralized and a secured platform. The members of the platform earn 1500 ETH for every 100 days in a risk free manner.

The Smart contract involved is an open source, transparent and runs on Ethereum Blockchain. This makes the platform more trustworthy as it guarantees that there is no chance of hacking. The money is stored in a highly secured wallets.

The platform is decentralized, meaning, it is not controlled by an administrator. This also serves as a reason because of which any kind of access or change in the algorithms and data uploaded on ethereum smart contract remains impossible.

How Million money works?

Million money occurs as a pyramid scheme, that is affliates in the Million money platform markets Million Money affiliate membership itself and pays an amount as a joining fee. In order to make a good profit out of it, one should be able to convince enough people to join after them. When a mew member joins, the fee paid by them will pass on as a commission to the higher existing levels of the pyramid.

Exciting Features of Million Money

  • Ethereum based Smart Contract
  • Does not involove admins who may pause the system or direct referrals to their favour.
  • Unalterable data
  • Binary 2*5 Matrix scheme
  • Automatic and autonomous
  • Runs forever as long as blockchain exists with no pause or expiring date.
  • Low startup capital investment with higher returns
  • Anyone can participate
  • Able to support Multi cryptocurrency and Token
  • No withdrawal request required- payment directly transferred to the individual wallet.
  • Impossible to hack
  • Instant member to member payments through smart contracts.
  • Can startup with 0.03 ETH ($5 to $6)~ {#3,300}
  • Impossible to scam
  • 100% open source smart contract system
  • Binary level earning system

Million money MLM clone script

Are you a crypto Entrepreneur, looking forward to developing a Smart contract based MLM Platform like Million money? Then all you need is to acquire Million money MLM clone script.

Pulsehyip for Million money MLM Clone Script

We, Pulsehyip a major cryptocurrency MLM software Development company, can provide you all the computational inputs that’s needed to develop a Million money clone MLM Website, with all those features already rendered in the Million.Money along with additional visionary features that can end up to be a revolutionary in the MLM world. We also provide various other MLM clone scripts with varied updated features.

With the provision of responsive MLM platform, member back office for all the members in the platform, admin back office for the admin to sort out issues easily, highly secured cloud server, anti-DDOS protection and SSL. Million money MLM clone script avoids any scamming because of the integration of Ethereum smart contract.

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