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98% of all DApp volume controlled by Ethereum, Tron and EOS

TRON and Ethereum saw the major increase in the DApp projects in its platform in the year 2019. One of the major research document revels that Tron, EOS, and Ethereum accrued $23 billion in dapp volume last year, with Tron leapfrogging EOS along the way to establish itself as the de facto dapp network for recreational use.

As the crypto world has grown and evolved along time, so has the role played by the leading smart contract networks. Ethereum has pivoted from ICOs to defi, Tron has become the preeminent dapp chain for gambling applications, and EOS has found itself positioned somewhere between the two, not quite decentralized enough for defi and onchain resource costs too unpredictable for high volume dapps.

It been recorded that near to 2000 Dapps were launched in 2019, with 80% of those issued on TRON. Tron is been mentioned as the “Las Vegas on the Blockchain” . Tron based exchange and gaming dapps also had a good year though. Tron racked up a total of $4.4 billion in transaction volume in 2019, across more than 420 million transactions.

Meanwhile, Ethereum averaged 40-60K defi users per month last year, with a transaction volume of $12.8 billion, with more than 90% of this attributed to decentralized finance (defi), including exchanges. Ethereum, Tron, and EOS account for 98% of all dapp transaction volume, leaving many of the smaller smart contract chains to fight for the crumbs.

With EOS now trying to gain the momentum that it had during its launch, TRON uniting ecosystems through M&As, and Ethereum placing all its hopes in defi, the next 12 months look set to break new records for dapp usage.

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