Best way to tackle rise in Ethereum 2.0 Gas Fee

Gas fee and Game theory                                                                                  

The Ethereum Community is now divided because of the increasing gas fees.  The Miners do not care for the long term health of the network nor about the DoS attacks. Many others urge that increasing miner fees can be explained in terms of game theory. In any of the Blockchain, the miners look out for themselves. Miners try to maximize their profits before they become obsolete when the upgrade is implemented.                                                                  

There is a limitation in the rising gas fee of Ethereum platform, as it does not allow small transactions as it only cost a small amount.

Future of Ethereum

The Ethereum upgrade is one of the most awaited updated of the Ethereum Network. This upgrade will also address the decentralized challenge by allowing more validators to participate and receive a return for maintaining the network. Currently, the PoW mechanism favours entities with large capital to set up profitable mining operations. The PoS will maximize and level the playing field.

How to Tackle the rise in Ethereum Fees?

Many of the Ethereum network users, either HYIP or MLM  members pay a hefty amount in order to carry out the transaction. If the transaction is to be carried out for 5 ETH, a minimum of 15 ETH is to be paid as the gas fee. This itself acts as a huge drawback for those MLM members who would like to gain a good return with minimum investment. So, one can go for alternatives such as the TRON MLM, BTC MLM etc. Since many DApp based MLM platforms is being developed in the TRON platform that charges comparatively a low amount of gas fee, one can easily switch over to such networks. If you are an entrepreneur and would like to develop Dapp based MLM, Dapp based HYIP then feel free to connect with us!!


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