Why Ethereum Blockchain for your Crypto HYIP Startup

Recently, the Bull market of Crypto gaint Bitcoin has made the Cryptocurrency Investment arena the most sought Plan! Why so? Because the Bitcoin is now considered as an investment equal to gold. Many investors view the cryptocurrency Bitcoin as an asset the can provide many returns. Because of this reasons, other cryptocurrencies too has gained its popularity among the users. Many seek for the long term investment of the cryptos they hold. Whether it be Tron- TRX or Ethereum-Ether which are next in line to the crypto gaint bitcoin.

Users now seek for Long lasting gains. This can be mainly full filled by High yielding Investment programs. These programs facilitate users to use the cryptocurrency as an Investment material and help them to gain more from their initial investment.

That too a hyip investment platform on a blockchain can make the data more secured. Involving smart contracts can make the things more automatic, starting from the initial stage of Investment. Before getting into the facts of crypto hyip platform on ethereum Blockchain, lets see an Explanation about what HYIP is all about!

What is HYIP?

HYIP or High Yielding Investment Program is a scheme that will help investors to gain high yields from their investments. The blockchain based Crypto HYIP integrated with smart contract make the investment program more intact. This is because the Smart contract involved makes sure that the investment value is secured at each stage of investment process. Since Smart contract cannot be destructed or altered as it runs on the Blockchain, this removes the question about any possibility of fraudulent activity.

Why Ethereum Blockchain for your Startup

Ethereum is one of the Global Computing Platform, that serves as a launch pad for Decentralized Applications or DApps which are mainly open sourced and are not controlled by any single entity.

Ethereum is advantageous than any other Blockchain as it facilitates individuals and companies to do much more than just transfer/ trade funds between entities. Its named as the hottest platform in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchains as many companies invest in it. Also the blockchain is build with the turing-complete scripting language enabling progression of smart contracts across all nodes and achieve verifiable consensus without the involvement of third party such as a court.

It is to be noted that the Ethereum Virtual Machine is very much capable of running smart contracts that can provide option contract, swaps or coupon paying bonds to represent financial agreements. It can also be used to full fill the employment contracts or to execute bets and wagers and act as a trusted escrow for the purchase of high-value items. These features of Ethereum network help to create a new market.

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