The best Way to Launch Tron based Investment Platform like Tron Fu

Now is the time to start an Tron based Investment platform as TRX is gaining its momentum to reach the global population. Investors also believe that this coin is set to transform the altcoin market. There is a forecasting by the DigitalCoinprice platform about the Tron in the year 2021.

The DigitalCoinprice has reported that the TRX price will reach a peak in April 2021 and have a little drop down in after which there will be climb again to hit the target of 0.06USD in October and will eventually go beyond 0.06 USD. Below in the graph, you can view the Graph of Price Prediction Chart for 2021.

Features Held By Our Tron Fu Clone Script

The TronFu Clone Script provided by Pulsehyip will hold all the features, that are similar to TronFu Platform.

Smart contract Integrated

Its a Smart contract Integrated Tron blockchain Investment Platform. The Smart contract once launched becomes completely unalterable, and cannot be edited by any individual or entity. This proves that no company or individual has any kind of control over the funds that gets invested in the platform. This is itself act as a huge guarantee to the investors.

11% basic daily

The smart contract will help to generate a ROI of 11% daily. The investors will gets the dividends once they reach 250% of their investment. Tron Fu platform also provides bonus. Even though the withdrawal of dividends is allowed at any time, if the investor does not remove the amount, then 0.1% will add to the daily ROI. The ROI will become 12% if the amount is not removed for 10 days. The hold-bonus will be reset once the investor clicks the withdrawal button.

Rewards and bonus

The platform engages the investors with the feature called the Contract bonus. As the contract balance reaches the balance of 100,000 TRX, then the 0.1% will add to the basic daily percentage. Also if the balance reaches 10,000,000 TRX, the daily percentage will reach 12 %.

There is a four level referral Program provided by the platform, that divides the referral investment by 8% for the first level, 2% for the second level, 0.5% for level 3 and level 4.


The 80% of the deposits done by the smart contracts will remain in the investors payout. The rest of the amount will be kept to run the platform and to remain successful. The deposits of up to 6% will be reserved for the promotion of the project and near to 11% of the deposits will be provided as a referral rewards to make sure that the contract meets new investors. Remaining 3% will be valued for the administrative costs including the hosting and security etc.

The Way Investors can gain access to Tron

The participants can get TRX coins using the popular exchange platform. In order to carry out their transactions the users can use Tronwallets like TronLink.

Participation in Tron Fu Smart Contract

The users need to use the DApp browser and Connect to the contract. Then they can proceed with the investment in the Platform.

Dividends calculated for every second

Tron Fu smart contract will be set to calculate the dividends every second and the investors can withdraw it anytime. But its recommended to withdraw the dividend once it reaches upto 10 TRX or more due to the Blockchain Fee.

Withdrawal of Dividends

In order to withdraw, the user needs to click on to the Withdraw button and then instantly the dividends will go to the wallet.

Withdrawal should be made from the same wallet from which the user deposited TRX. One the withdrawal is completed, the referral rewards will reach the user wallet. And all the information about the Investor Investment information will be provided in the user dashboard itself.

Why Pulsehyip for Tron Fu Clone Script?

Pulsehyip is a leading Blockchain HYIP Software development company, that provides Tron Fu clone script. With the help of Tron Fu clone script you can instantly launch your Tron HYIP platform like Tron Fu with in five business days. Our experts are very well experienced in developing Blockchain based Business and previously we have helped many clients develop blockchain HYIP platform.

Pulsehyip provides the best solutions for all the major blockchain such as EOS, Tron and Ethereum. You can avail the solutions from our adroit experts easily by connecting with them at anytime, as our services are open to the individuals around the globe, 24*7.

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