How to develop a Decentralized HYIP Platform

A platform is said to be decentralized when there is no middle man controlling all the processes that are to be carried out in the platform. Blockchain is like a backbone of such platform as it helps in the storage of all the required information in the form of blocks. Now you may have the question about how HYIP can work out in this kind of theme.

But this is what adds up the security features since no single entity holds the power to stop or start a process other than the user himself. Particularly there will be no middle man. So once the investor invests some amount in the platform, until the investor receives the Returns for his investment, everything will be automated. Now support the word “automation”, Smart contract comes in!

Smart contract in HYIP

The smart contract is a self-enforcing piece of Software and is mostly present in the Blockchain networks like Tron. It’s one of the most rights management tools that’s been used to provide a coordination and enforcement framework agreement between the network participants.

When a smart contract is being executed the process will run until all the mentioned or listed points are being carried out well by the parties. This is the basic concept behind Smart Contract between two entities.

With respect to HYIP, when the smart contract is being executed, all the processes starting from the investment to the receiving of the matured investment amount, are carried out through Blockchain Smart Contract. The TRON platform is the one that facilitates this.

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