Top Cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts

Availing a Cryptocurrency exchange clone script is the foremost process if you want to launch your own Cryptocurrency exchange platform. The script basically consists of codes with designed framework required by the proprietor to create customized Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform. Many companies are providing ready many Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange script in order to ease the process of launching one’s own exchange platform.

Without much experience about cryptocurrency exchange script, its not easy to know what features to look for while buying a script. Some choices may seem great until it is truly implemented and we may realize a key feature is missing or the security is not much optimized as you thought it to be. In order to avoid the headache of a bad exchange script, you may try buying the script from company which is leading, experienced, analytical about the current crypto trend.

Pulsehyip is one such leading company involved in cryptocurrency exchange development services. The cryptocurrency exchange script provided by pulsehyip can be customized based on the required attributes of business owners. Nowadays, most of the Cryptocurrency exchange platform owners are headway in adding new features to their platform in order to bring traffic into their platform as it is much crucial for their business.

Once your idea is ready the tech team in pulsehyip carry out these strategies to bring out your standard Cryptocurrency exchange platform.

  • The team will discuss the scope of the project and will confirm the project with you.
  • Then the tech team will be presented with the business plan and technical resources will be allocated.
  • Storyboard preparation and designing of all pages based on the module sheet will be carried out.
  • Functionality will be executed
  • Delivering file to live will be carried out.

I didn’t explain much about the technical details here as the Pulsehyip home page may give you a clear cut idea than i can put it into words. For further information visit here: Cryptocurrency exchange script.

Click here to read more about Cryptocurrency exchange development and grab a free demo for your exchange platform development

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Develop your own P2P Exchange Platform- with P2P Exchange clone script

The Peer to Peer exchange is one of the old forms of exchanging Cryptocurrencies among the known parties. We can directly say it as a “person to person” mode of transaction. P2P platforms match the people who make the orders in order to carry out the process.

The features of P2P

Very Low trading charges

As most of the process is completed by the parties involved in a transaction, the exchange platform won’t put up high charges for trading.

High Security

Since there is no third party involved in the process, the exchange does not hold any funds and supports only user pairing thus making it Secured.

Increased Privacy

Unlike CEX where they will ask complete about the individual while signing up to the platform, P2P doesn’t ask any such details. No KYC authentication process is involved in P2P Exchange.

No Government intrudance

The Noninvolvement of the third party makes it free from any government intrudance.

Free to select Cryptocurrencies/ Multiple Cryptocurrency usage options

The users can exchange a wide range of cryptocurrencies among them if needed.

Transaction censorship

Even at one part of the country, the crypto transaction becomes restricted, the rest of the system remains unaffected.

Global marketplace

The exchanges may provide services globally as well as locally.

No withdrawal or Deposit limits

This gives the user to add or remove cash whenever needed

Use of Fiat currency for Buying

Unlike DEX, fiat currencies can be used to buy Cryptocurrencies and is much easy to use.

One can also develop their own P2P Exchange platform. If you are serious about developing a P2P exchange Platform either in a centralized or Decentralized way, the best method would be to developing it through a Cryptocurrency exchange platform development company. This way the launching would not be time-consuming and will be cost-effective as well. Pulsehyip is on of the leading Crypto exchange clone script Provider with the help of its experienced technicians.

Click here to read more: P2P Exchange platform development

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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Exchange Startup Guide for Beginners

If you are new to cryptocurrency exchange & trading platform then this beginners guide should help point you in all the right directions while making you aware of the many pitfalls that exist.

In this starter’s guide you’ll learn:

1) What is Cryptocurrency Exchange?
2) What is Bitcoin Exchange?
3) What is Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Trading?
4) Difference Between Cryptocurrency Exchange & Trading
5) How Cryptocurrency Exchange and Trading Works?
6) Benefits of creating a cryptocurrency exchange platform?
7) Features of cryptocurrency exchange and trading
8) How to use Bitcoins?
9) How does Cryptocurrency make money?
10) How does Cryptocurrency exchange work?
11) What is a cryptocurrency wallet
12) How to Start Your Cryptocurrency Exchange Website?
13) What is Cryptocurrency Exchange Software?
14) Where Do Get Cryptocurrency Exchange Software?
15) Cryptocurrency Exchange and Trading Forecasting 2019

1.What is Cryptocurrency Exchange?

A cryptocurrency exchange or DCE (digital currency exchange) is an exchange where you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies or digital currencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, Lite coin etc. We can trade and using fiat currencies, or other digital currencies or digital assets.

A typical cryptocurrency exchange works 24/7, that is, it never closes. One of the reasons people like them is their invisibility feature. Nobody knows who the buyers and sellers in cryptocurrency exchanges are.

In simple words: Cryptocurrency exchanges work just like traditional exchanges. On many of these platforms, cryptocurrency users(buyers & sellers) can make limit orders or market orders, and the brokering process works like it would for any other kind of asset. The cryptocurrency exchange helps with the online transaction and collects the fees.

Continue reading: A guide to start Cryptocurrency exchange platform

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Bitcoin Exchange Clone Script

Bitcoin Clone script is generally inspired from an existing website of their unique design, features, and performance. The clone concept getting the overall idea from the existing system which has been already lived in online, By improving with some added features and designs the improved version of our work will be handover to the client.

By preferring Clone script it helps us to save a decent amount from our investment and reduce the time with cost-effective manner. Therefore clone script is the perfect solution for a new startup, it helps you to save the amount from your investment and maximize the scope of success. Want to know more about the types of business clone for crypto exchange. Then, Check out the benefits and the work types of these crypto exchange clone scripts with Pulsehyip, a leading bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange development company that offers you an exact clone script based on your business demands and necessities. Ping here to get your own demo for bitcoin clone script!

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Pulsehyip Attends World Blockchain Summit 2019 in Dubai

It will be our delight to share with you that, Pulsehyip  the foremost Blockchain development and solution provider is all set to participate in World Blockchain Summit 2019 at Dubai alongside Osiz technologies.

World blockchain Summit 2019

The World Blockchain summit is going to take place in Jumeirah emirates tower, Dubai on 23rd and 24th of Oct 2019. We have already participated in Blockchain Summit in India. Its our pleasure to be a part of this summit for the second time, organized by Trescon. The WBS acts as a stage for the collaboration of Leading blockchain companies, emerging start-ups, regional businesses, IT leaders, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Government authorities and many Blockchain developers to know more about the evolving Blockchain Technology. This is a great opportunity for us to evince our products and services at global level.

About Organizer

Trescon- Trescon a global business events and consulting firm creates world class exhibitions, some of the industry’s biggest conferences and high level summits all over the world.

#WBS Dubai 2019

Date- 23-24 Oct 2019

Venue- Jumeirah Emirates Tower, Dubai

Organizer- Trescon Global

Chief Guest- Mohamed Al Banna, CEO & MD of LEAD Ventures

Official page- Blockchain summit, Dubai, 2019

Featured Discussions in the Summit

  • Technology as an enabler in driving UAE’s Economic growth
  • The role of exchanges in an Ever evolving market
  • The convergence of AI and Blockchain
  • Blockachain & the future of Finance
  • Blockchain in 2019: The trends driving investments and products
  • Blockchain enterprise: Unlocking the value of DLT
  • The rise of stable coins and the path to mass adoption
  • Gaming and Dapps
  • Technology as an Enabler in Driving UAE’s Economic growth
  • Interoperability & Scalability: Key challenges for 2019
  • Asset tokenization and STOs

Highlights of WBS 2019

Pre qualified attendees- Industry experts in Blockchain Technology are handpicked based on their contribution to the Distributed Ledger

Panel Discussions- Brainstorming and sharing of ideas with experienced Blockchain personnel.

Business Networking- Connects with the likes of leading Blockchain Industry veterans, regional businesses, government authorities, IT leaders, Tech entrepreneurs, Investors and Blockchain developers.

Industry Keynotes- Key areas of discussion Includes strides in Cyber security, Finance, real estate and the stock exchange with the primary focus on the development of sustainable system while stressing on accelerated performance.

Start up Showcase- This acts as a fund-rising platform from the young companies to well established ones.

Product Showcase- This event is a part of global series, making its stop in Dubai this year. With use-cases being showcased at the event, government will be able to see first hand how these solutions translate in real time situations and Individual companies will be able to exhibit their Products

Why to attend World Block chain summit 2019?

  • Helps the governmental Bodies to draft new regulations, meet potential partners, network with Blockchain experts
  • Helps various Enterprises to explore innovative blockchain products, network with regional government and potential partners.
  • Helps Startups/ICOs to showcase their innovation, get brand exposure and network with investors to help raise funds.
  • Helps Investors to meet curated startups, network with elites from enterprises, governments and global blockchain experts.

Pulsehyip’s Plan towards WBS 2019

Its a great opportunity for Pulsehyip to exhibit the products and services along with the Team Osiz in front of industry veterans,CEOs, CIOs, CTO and Government Officers.This would help us boost up more strategies in our products and services and Pulsehyip is looking forward to gain more info about the evolving Ledger Technology.

Meet our Experts

  1. Kamalakannan-COO, Osiztechnologies
  2. GnanaPrakash-Sr.Blockchain Consultant
  3. Punith Kumar- Sr. Blackcain Consultant
  4. Balaji Haridoss- Sr. Blockchain Consultant
  5. Prathish Gunasekaran- Sr, Blockchain Consultant

Come Upon and Meet Up Our Experts #WBSDubai 2019

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Software development

Due to the recent trends and interest in cryptocurrencies, it becomes a modern and advanced idea in creating a cryptocurrency exchange software. It is a wise one to understand the concept of Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies to the core, mainly able to capture the idea of exchange platforms and exchange scripts. 

As a matter of fact, this hit a lot of companies to get in to the conclusions regarding cryptocurrency exchange scripts that seem great with the exciting basic features. To democratize cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency exchanges, here is a brief explanation about the basic requirements and features that you should look for in a cryptocurrency exchange script.

Exciting Function and Features

Any good cryptocurrency exchange script should ensure the users to perform a few basic functions.

  • While considering about the fiat currency support, an option for the users to transfer or deposit the currencies in local via an online platform.
  • It needs to support on all popular trading pairs like Bitcoin and Ether to buy and sell the cryptocurrencies.
  • It facilitates a continuous withdrawal of fiat currencies to the earned profits. 
  • It transfers the cryptocurrencies to a private wallet on basis of cold storage for personal transactions.
  • There should be a complete transparency in all the trading.

It might have seem that features are very simple and basic one but it is necessary to ensure that the cryptocurrency exchange software never lack on these basic features! 

Different Types of Cryptocurrency Exchange Scripts

As it is found that Cryptocurrency exchange scripts seem to be complicated and difficult to code but it will able to sustain in many ways at the market in terms of both demand and supply. 

There are various types of cryptocurrency exchange script available and fall into four wide categories.

Open Source – As it is known that there are some free open source projects accessible to the public. While considering the other open source platform like Linux, it need the strong technical expertise for some modification of elements and to implement them based on your demands. There may be a chances in saving a money by utilizing an open-source script either spent in terms of time or based on compromising good documentation.

Affordable Scripts – It is meant as the exchange script with a little payment that equals the levels of quality and documentation in the open source. This describes the affordable pricing of cryptocurrency exchange software.

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Script – This is a simple extensive surge not only meant for pricing but also considers the quality and documentation. White label cryptocurrency exchange script is easy to set up and utilize by expecting support from any of the top and trusted development company. Apart from this, cryptocurrency exchange software is highly customizable and dynamic based on your business requirements.

Full-Custom Cryptocurrency Exchange – This cryptocurrency exchange is considered as the top of one you can get easily through the exchange business. The fully customized cryptocurrency exchange is built from the scratch based on your design and commands of the elements in the exchange. According to some of them, it is considered as the time and money wastage but it is really found to be the best one when it is done with a new exciting concept or business model.  

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company

It is real that cryptocurrency exchanges seem to be complicated but it  is to get understand that no compromise should be made on the basic features of the cryptocurrency exchange script that are required. Here the term basic is completely mentioned with respect to the features depending on your requirements. So, it is best to build your own exchange website as it may solve many issues facing as business challenges.

It is very significant to make alive your cryptocurrency exchange script creation ideas from a company like Pulsehyip which has its own expertise in diverse industries across all the aspects covering a cryptocurrency exchange in the market. Stay in touch with the experts to acquire the secured cryptocurrency exchange website.

Get your Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Here!

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Cryptocurrency exchange Clone scripts

In this evolving technology, the cryptocurrency has caught its place among traders because of the various advantage in carrying out the business/ trading with ease. The exchange platforms facilitate this processes through centralized or decentralized medium of exchange. Many entrepreneurs started developing their own exchange platform to once they realized the business opportunity present in developing a upgraded version of existing platform. The developers were the major source in developing such platforms but over the years the many exchange platform development companies started to provide clone scripts of the existing exchange platform with added pioneering features make a stand in this competitive era.

The clone scripts usually consists of codes to create a exchange platform based on the existing ones. The Clone scripts allows a business entrepreneur to launch and run their platform in an effectual manner. If you are looking for a exchange platform development company to get a clone script for your desired platform development then Pulsehyip will serve your cause.

Pulsehyip stays as a top notch cryptocurrency exchange script provider with the help of its indefatigable technicians who are ready to provide you with the script. The bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange script includes highly standardized security features with latest security measure of exchange platform that need to taken care of while developing your secured exchange platform.

Its major provisions including:

  • White lable software
  • Different types of wallet development
  • 24×7 solutions
  • secure transfer facilities
  • high performance and seamless communication
  • affordable cost
  • and so on..

Pulsehyip would serve you better for your cause throughout the process of creating your own platform. Now why wait when you know your answer. Hurry and get a free demo for the development of your own exchange platform. To read more click here! Get a free demo.

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Build your own Bitcoin Exchange Website


Bitcoin exchange script contains programming codes like PHP, mean stack, javascript or any other framework required by the proprietor to create customized Bitcoin Exchange Platform. The main focus of bitcoin exchange script is to provide foolproof bitcoin or cryptocurrency trading, ethereum trading and other Alt coin Exchange. Some of the evolving Cryptocurrency exchange development companies are providing resourceful bitcoin exchange script.

Where to look for your Bitcoin Exchange Script?

There are lot of online crypto market platform, software selling website who can provide you with Bitcoin Exchange Scrip. In order to have maximum features you need to optimize it 3x times as there is no guarantee for Security. But, its a tedious process involving more time and money. To avoid much inconvenient works, you can opt for ready-made Bitcoin Exchange Script with quality features from a Cryptocurrency exchange website development company.


Bitcoin Exchange Script contains raw trading script which is usually inbuilt with basic feature to meet the necessity of a quality bitcoin exchange website. The features include structured code, Customer module, Enhanced buy/sell system, authentication system, Trading chart generator etc. For your exchange platform to be more robust among other evolving ones you need to integrate special add-on’s, plugins, API’s.

This is a scenario where the word “competition” exists in the nook and corner of the world. Now is it enough if you launch your exchange platform? No, to drive in more traffic to your platform several business methodologies has to be implemented. Several technical features have to be considered such as

To know more about launching your own exchange platform –A guide to start your own Cryptocurrency exchange platform

To get a free demo: Visit here!

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Best Binance Clone script

What is binance?

A binance is the most popular crypto exchange platforms that permits their buyer and seller to trade from crypto to crypto. In binance exchange platform, they have million of active users and so many virtual coins to perform trading like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and lot more.

Where to acquire the best clone Script?

Well, this is an exact question and I have a great suggestion for you. Being a crypto trader, it is advised that a requirement of the platform is most important that too similar as Binance Exchange platform

If you are in need of a Binance Clone Script or a Binance clone website, Pulsehyip makes it possible and live.

Pulsehyip is one of the top most cryptocurrency and blockchain development company that offers you a binance clone script exactly what you require. If you are hunting for a script exactly similar to Binance clone software, then, you are on the right place to buy Binance Clone Script, stay in touch with our experts.

The script will also contain Add-ons to make your platform more unique and differnetiable. Get a free demo to know our expertise!

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How Bitcoin Wallet App Development is Useful for Mobile Payments?

The digital era is experiencing an incredible growth in the usage of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by the people around the world. Among Cryptocurrencies, the Bitcoin has captured an unalterable position in the Cryptosphere. The virtual currency, which does not hold any real form is been transacted among peers through exchange platform whenever need. With the increase in the number of users many number of companies started to integrate cryptocurrencies as payment methods to make payment more easier and secured.  

When the Bitcoin holder wants to have a secured wallet other than the wallet provided by an exchange platform, then storing it in a space outside an exchange platform and moving it to the exchange wallet only when needed would be the best idea. This will ensure that the user’s hold the private keys and records of their transactions and allows the user to keep a track on the Crypto balance in the wallet.

But where to go for such facilities? Along the years the use of payment systems such as Paypal, Braintree, Google pay has paved the way for the developers to integrate Bitcoin as a payment option along with other payment facilities.

If you are a crypto entrepreneur, then you are at the right place. The Business entrepreneurs are at advantage to develop their own Bitcoin wallet app and launch it to make their Crypto business dream come true. I believe that you have a good knowledge about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. So, lets get to the point about what is a Bitcoin wallet app, the reasons for building an app.

What is a Bitcoin Wallet App?

The bitcoin wallet app is a software which acts as an electronic wallet in order to store, transfer and receive cryptocurrencies with the help of Blockchain technology. Most of the Crypto wallet at present supports Bitcoin and Ethereum as both are highly used by the crypto community. The ICO operations by many companies has lead to the integration of many other cryptocurrencies also.


The figure depicts the continuous increase in the use of Crypto blockchain along the years, after the introduction of Cryptocurrencies.

The use of Blockchain technology in the wallet payments, makes it more secured compared to the conventional methods. The Blockchain will enable the users carry out the transaction in a P2P manner. The users will not need the interference of any third parties for the transaction to carry out.

Types of Wallets

Desktop Wallet

This type of wallet can be downloaded on PC or laptop for the use. But externally when the computer is been hacked this will make the user to lose their funds.

Internet Wallet

Internet wallet service can also be called as online wallet which can be accessed from multiple locations with the help of an Internet connection. The user need to choose the service carefully since this type of wallet is prone to scams.

Mobile Wallet

Mobile wallets involves the use of application in the Mobile. Its much safer and will have easy user interface compared to the other wallets. But if the mobile gets lost or undergoes any damage then the user may lose their fund.

Hardware Wallet

The hardware wallet are gadgets used for the storage purposes such the USB drive. The transactions in these can be carried out in both Online and offline mode. This type of wallet is highly convenient for the users to carry out the transactions.

Paper Wallet

Paper wallets involves the physical printed version of Public and Private Keys. It will be printed on a paper or engraved on a metal plate. One of the limitation in this type of wallet is that, once the paper wallet is lost the user won’t be able to restore or access to their funds.


Hot Wallet

The hot wallets are the types which will always be connected to the internet. It is easy for transacting but it is exposed to malware attacks online

Cold Wallet

Unlike hot wallet the cold wallets are not connected to the internet  and it includes paper wallets and hardware wallets. Even when offline the cold wallet will receive the funds sent to them.

Warm wallet

The warm wallet is the combination of both the cold wallet and the hot wallet. It includes the security of Cold wallet and the convenient transacting methods of hot wallet.The hardware wallet when disconnected to the internet acts as a cold wallet and when connected, it will acts as a hot wallet.

Benefits of Bitcoin Wallet App

  • Privacy of usage/ Anonymity
  • Decentralized mode of transaction
  • Trustworthiness as there will not be any central entity
  • Fraudsters are avoided because of the strong of Cryptography
  • Faster regulations of all transactions
  • Inflation of fiat currency will have no impact
  • The involvement of Both the public and private keys to carry out a transaction makes it more secure.
  • Bitcoin is simpler than banks as there is no limit based on time and geography.
  • No need for downloading the entire Blockchain on the phone.
  • Tax free transactions

Features of a Bitcoin Wallet App

The important features the should be included in a Bitcoin wallet App is listed below

Authorization- The most important feature, includes the user sign in and sign up processes. The more easier it is, the more will the user use the app.


Profile/ Dashboard- The details about the transactions history and balance in the wallet can be checked here.

Security- The PIN code or the password mode of protection, 2- factor authentication, Auto logout feature, Unique public Key for every transaction.

QR Scanner- The easiest way to send and request valued transactions.

Conversion rates- The exchange rates vary at every day and building an app with this facility will help the traders very much.

Push Notifications- To notify the app users about any changes in Bitcoin market price etc.

Merchant services- The inclusion of Retail services will allow the users to use the bitcoins for purchases which will increase the user flow to the app.

Address Book- The details about frequently used addresses which will be helpful for Business personnel.

Developing a Bitcoin Wallet App

One can develop a Bitcoin Wallet app using the following ways.

I. By using the existing Bitcoin wallet tools and Libraries.

II. Building it from the scratch

III. The ready made Bitcoin wallet app solutions

The first method includes the use of Coinbase software development Kit, Blockchain Wallet API and BitcoinJ SDK. The Blockchain Wallet API is one of the advisable mode of developing wallet app. But these features will not provide you with opportunities to build unique app.

The second method requires high level of knowledge about Programming language. So, it would be easier to consult a Blockchain development/ Mobile app development companies for a standard app development.

The third method is the easiest and will also help you to integrate more features in your App. The ready made Wallet app solutions provided will help the entrepreneurs to develop a Bitcoin wallet app without any problem.

Integrating Bitcoin as a Payment Option

If your business doesn’t need a complex solution to develop a Bitcoin wallet app, then you can simply integrate your Bitcoin as a payment option. Many companies such as Amazon, WordPress, Expedia, Zappos have included Cryprocurrency as a mode of payment for their businesses. These companies once accepting the payment will try to exchange in the form for Physical currency. For such purposes Payment service Provider (PSP) can be considered. The PSP makes the transactions much easier for both the parties.

Why Pulsehyip?

The increase in the use of digital currency and wallet payments has given a good reason to develop a Bitcoin Wallet app with varied features to support the future requirements.The best and easy way of developing one is through the ready made Crypto wallet solution providers.

PULSEHYIP is a the top Crypto wallet development company which with the help of its skilful developers will help you to launch your uniquely developed Bitcoin wallet application smoothly. The company provides innumerable added features to help you make an app fulfilling the future requirements. Get a free demo if you have a project on your mind.

Launch your Bitcoin Wallet Application Here!

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