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Bitcoin Lending Business Development

A New Peer-to-Peer Bitcoin Lending Script with Blockchain Technology Bitcoin  lending has been a trending business model in this economic industry for well over a year and there are other business platforms also trying similar investment projects like Coinloan, Everex ,Othera and  Ethlend. The popularity of this type of bitcoin lending business is growing dueContinue reading “Bitcoin Lending Business Development”


Centralized VS Decentralized Exchanges for Crypto-currencies

Let us discuss why cryptocurrency trading needs centralized or decentralized exchanges process. Is it mandatory for online trading service, here we can look into the terms and what are all the Pros and Cons are present in these exchange pattern? The term cryptocurrency is the digital assets designed to work with the medium of exchange of strong cryptography with secure transaction.Continue reading “Centralized VS Decentralized Exchanges for Crypto-currencies”

Ultimate guide to Launch your Cryptocurrency Exchange

How to Start a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform? A Complete Guide for Crypto Beginners A History of Bitcoin Exchange Platform Bitcoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency which was developed in the year 2008; it was given as a reward to the process involved in Mining. Apart from mining, the ways people tried to get Bitcoin inContinue reading “Ultimate guide to Launch your Cryptocurrency Exchange”

Steps To Start an Exchange Like Coinbase

Coinbase is a digital currency exchange undergo exchanges of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash,  Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, and Litecoin with fiat currencies. It works approximately in 32 countries worldwide and make bitcoin transactions and storage in nearly 190 countries all over the globe. Coinbase contains a wide range of advanced features that becomes the exact place to initiate yourContinue reading “Steps To Start an Exchange Like Coinbase”

Best Cryptocurrency app development company

Cryptocurrency is the virtual currency which is used largely as a medium of exchange in digitized from. It involves the strong use of cryptographic techniques to generate, secure and transfer digitized money. The concept of making things much more digitized has made a revolution in the world of cryptocurrency. Many entrepreneurs have started to understandContinue reading “Best Cryptocurrency app development company”

Top Cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts

Availing a Cryptocurrency exchange clone script is the foremost process if you want to launch your own Cryptocurrency exchange platform. The script basically consists of codes with designed framework required by the proprietor to create customized Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform. Many companies are providing ready many Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange script in order to ease the process ofContinue reading “Top Cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts”