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Cryptocurrency Exchange solutions- Developing an exchange like Binance

As we all know Binance offers crypto to crypto exchange, which means that it doesn’t support the transaction of fiat currencies. This makes the platform devoid of any red tape regulations and work freely. Users can choose between the classic and advanced interfaces for order book style trading plus peer to peer and OTC tradingContinue reading “Cryptocurrency Exchange solutions- Developing an exchange like Binance”


What are the steps involved with creating a Crypto wallet?

One should think about how they want to access their wallet first! Are a full time mobile user or a desktop users? Do you want to log into a website, or use hardware which stores your keys offline? Some wallets do not work across all platforms, so this is important to bear in mind. ThenContinue reading “What are the steps involved with creating a Crypto wallet?”

Comparison between Smart contract and Escrow Services

With the evolution of technology, the blockchain has redefined itself into a boon for the industries. This shared ledger promises decentralization, transparency and immutability, which open new realms of possibilities for sharing and exchanging value. Smart Contract A Smart Contract is the substitution of the intermediaries involved in the execution of contracts such as escrow.Continue reading “Comparison between Smart contract and Escrow Services”

Developing an Updated Security structure for Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Newly developed exchanges has to hold on to different strategies to provide a secured service for their exchange platform. Recently, we can see the updates of Local bitcoins for enhancing the security of the exchange based of the active engagement of the users in the platform. The verification process introduces 4 different account tiers differentiatedContinue reading “Developing an Updated Security structure for Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform”

Kucoin Clone Script-Pulsehyip

KuCoin Exchange KuCoin is one of the trusted third party cryptocurrency exchange that facilitates crypto users to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. KuCoin is said to be one of the newest Cryptocurrency exchange in the industry, that was established in the year 2017 in Singapore. Objectively, the exchange has gained popularity for its provision ofContinue reading “Kucoin Clone Script-Pulsehyip”

What is a P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Model

As an crypto enthusiast, have you always wanted to develop a Bitcoin trading software? Then you are at the right place! This article can guide you to your vision of developing a peer to peer crypto exchange platform. P2P CRYPTO EXCHANGE The Peer to Peer exchange is one of the old forms of exchanging CryptocurrenciesContinue reading “What is a P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Model”

Understanding market order in Cryptocurrency Exchange

One of the most important factor of Cryptocurrency Exchange is the order type- this will explain how the buy and sell orders will be processed. The most common type of orders found are Market Order, limit order, Stop order, market making and more. In these, the most common one is the market order. Now, letsContinue reading “Understanding market order in Cryptocurrency Exchange”

Bitfinex Clone Script

In this crypto era, we are getting many exchanges arising day by day and standing in a field with huge responsive investors based on the advanced features inbuilt in it. In that way, bitfinex exchange comprises all the things that is considered astonishing based on the cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum and many. This get attentionContinue reading “Bitfinex Clone Script”

Cost of Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Are you the one seeking for the cost of cryptocurrency exchange development? Nowhere to go, you can get an ideal price for all the cryptocurrency exchange website development. To know further, many entrepreneurs have a startup idea to begin their own crypto exchange business. Due to the concept of many business people, they found itContinue reading “Cost of Cryptocurrency Exchange Development”

How to Build a Crypto Exchange website and mobile app like Binance?

As it is a well known fact that Binance stands top among the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Binance is world’s first populated country based company introduced in 2017 based on the experts who launched this with their sources. Binance is one of the top cryptocurrency exchange business solution mainly deals with crypto to crypto trading.Continue reading “How to Build a Crypto Exchange website and mobile app like Binance?”