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Are decentralized exchanges the future of cryptocurrency exchange/trading?

Absolutely, decentralized exchanges are going to be the future in the crypto world. This can be easily explained. Certain features in the decentralized exchanges such as the blockchain integration, acting as a trade match engine, high security, P2P services, unalterable data etc. act as the main feature that increases the uniqueness and the need forContinue reading “Are decentralized exchanges the future of cryptocurrency exchange/trading?”


Cryptocurrency Exchanges in 2020

Up until now people around have a variegated opinion about cryptocurrency exchanges. This is because of the happenings such as the rise in the value of Bitcoin in the year 2017 ($19,783,06/ Bitcoin) and other security issues in the exchange platform. Above all these opinions, Bitcoin is said to reach the value of $20K USDContinue reading “Cryptocurrency Exchanges in 2020”

Top Attributes to consider while Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Cryptocurrencies have paved the way for the decentralized mode of exchange where the value of digital assets can be exchanged in a healthier and much transparent manner. Due to this reason, the businesses today are trying to adapt to Cryptocurrencies for all their transactions. Investing in cryptocurrency has now become a part of fashion amongContinue reading “Top Attributes to consider while Cryptocurrency Exchange Development”

Status of Governments on Cryptocurrency around the World

Exchanging virtual currency with real currency is a hot topic in E-business and E-commerce industries. Trading cryptocurrency for cash is banned and prohibited in some countries where in other countries, it is either allowed or not regulated yet. Things have already begun to heat up as countries around the world grapple with cryptocurrencies and tryContinue reading “Status of Governments on Cryptocurrency around the World”

Bitcoin – Success Stories

There are whole lot of Bitcoin millioniares out there. Bitcoin has become a digital asset that every business personnel would try to invest upon. With more and more Bitcoin success stories, it is recognized as the most substantial Cryptocurrency in this scenario. Many people are not still aware about the possible outcomes by the investmentsContinue reading “Bitcoin – Success Stories”

LocalBitcoins Clone Script -For Crypto Exchange Startups

What is LocalBitcoins Clone script? LocalBitcoins is one of the most famous bitcoins marketplace that permits users to publish ads or submit their requests to buy or sell bitcoins. A user can buy a cryptocurrency by mentioning the price and the amount of cryptocurrency they are willing to purchase and pay for a unit thatContinue reading “LocalBitcoins Clone Script -For Crypto Exchange Startups”

Fully Featured White Lable Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

The concept of making things much more digitized has made a revolution in the world of cryptocurrency. We all are heading towards the next level of digitization were money, transactions and payment may completely become digitized compulsorily and the role of cryptocurrency will reach the limelight. Security and safe transaction are one of the manyContinue reading “Fully Featured White Lable Cryptocurrency Exchange Software”

The best way to start an exchange like Binance

Starting a Crypto Business in the current scenario is made easy with the help of Cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts offered by Cryptocurrency Exchange development company. Pulsehyip provides you with ready made white-labled cryptocurrency exchange script for development of an exchange like Binance. A Crypto to Crypto Trading Platform Since its launch in 2017 Binance hasContinue reading “The best way to start an exchange like Binance”

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development in Japan

Pulsehyip is a top rated Cryptocurrency exchange development company that produces source for the development of world class Cryptocurrency exchange which the help of Cryptocurrency exchange script/ Bitcoin exchange script, Cryptocurrency trading script/ Bitcoin trading script, Cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts, Cryptocurrency wallet development. With the rise in crypto users in the world, the japan hasContinue reading “Cryptocurrency Exchange Development in Japan”

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company – Pulsehyip

Pulsehyip is a topmost cryptocurrency exchange development company. With a leadership in customer value, pulsehyip is climbing high as a top cryptocurrency exchange developer. We are the leading in delivering the customized cryptocurrency exchange business platform. Why choose pulsehyip cryptocurrency exchange development company ? 1. As a Trusted cryptocurrency exchange developer, we ensure the security, genuineness, andContinue reading “Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company – Pulsehyip”