Are decentralized exchanges the future of cryptocurrency exchange/trading?

Absolutely, decentralized exchanges are going to be the future in the crypto world. This can be easily explained. Certain features in the decentralized exchanges such as the blockchain integration, acting as a trade match engine, high security, P2P services, unalterable data etc. act as the main feature that increases the uniqueness and the need forContinue reading “Are decentralized exchanges the future of cryptocurrency exchange/trading?”

What is Decentralized P2P Ecosystem

Before getting into the concept of Decentralized P2P Ecosystem let us understand what decentralization means. Decentralization– refers to the noninvolvement of any third party to facilitate the transactions between two individuals. In another way, we can say that all these processes take place with the help of blockchain technology which is irreversible and also immutable.Continue reading “What is Decentralized P2P Ecosystem”

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