Crypto Exchange Clone scripts


Coinbase is a Peer to Admin crypto-exchange platform that help to perform trading via buying and selling bitcoins and also some other altcoins like Ripple coin, Ether, Litecoin etc. Coinbase exchange allows users to trade their cryptocurrencies faster than other exchanges based on their market value price. Coinbase platform is one among the few cryptocurrency exchanges that admit credit cards. Read more


LocalBitcoins is one of the most famous bitcoins marketplace that permits users to publish ads or submit their requests to buy or sell bitcoins. A user can buy a cryptocurrency by mentioning the price and the amount of cryptocurrency they are willing to purchase and pay for a unit that helps to choose and buy whether from nearby people or from anyone all over the world via internet without considering geographical limitations. So, the persons who desire to start a cryptocurrency business with the similar business model can utilize this LocalBitcoins clone script and can begin their crypto exchange business in an exact way.  Read more!!


OKEx is a leading digital currency exchange platform which provides advanced financial services to traders all over the world by using block chain technology. Its one of the top digital asset exchanges by trading volume, serving millions of users in over 100 countries with its optimized trading pair strategy. OKEx uses Bank level SSL encryption security which helps in providing high degree of security. Its a Malta based Crypto-exchange platform with provision of stable environment for digital assets trading via web interface and mobile app. Read more!!


A binance is the most popular crypto exchange platforms that permits their buyer and seller to trade from crypto to crypto. In binance exchange platform, they have million of active users and so many virtual coins to perform trading like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and lot more. Read more!


Poloniex is a complete crypto-crypto exchange platform. Though there have been many exchanges available, Poloniex is the one that always found to be the first and best exchange among all Exchanges. Poloniex offers modern trading options that includes high security for traders. Thus, it has been in the top in search list of many traders.

Among that, only few traders who own some cryptocurrency will prefer in developing a website similar as like exchanges in Poloniex. When compared to other exchanges, Poloniex will not support to buy cryptocurrency in exchange to fiat currencies. It entirely supports only crypto to crypto exchanges. Read more!!


Paxful is a well known Bitcoin marketplace which facilitates the peer to peer connectivity between the buyers and the sellers. Its success was accelerated by the various provisions provided by the platform. Its unique “multiple payment options” for its users to trade with anyone and other options to buy bitcoins easily without any hasty business are some specified reasons. Paxful has more than 300 payment options were users can buy bitcoins using any fiat currency from a desired seller.

Most of the exchange platform has geographic restrictions or payment problems, while Paxful is free of both; thus giving the ability to bring bitcoins to people in a pervasive manner and allowing more decentralized medium of exchange.

Various options of payment provided by Paxful for its buyers is not something which is profound in traditional exchange platforms. Read more!!

Pulsehyip makes it possible for you to create an Exchange platform such as binance, Coinbase, Localbitcoins, OKEx , Paxful, Poloniex with add on Plugins and integrated features to make your Business a success.

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