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Poloniex Clone script

What is Poloniex Clone Script?

Poloniex is a complete crypto-crypto exchange platform. Though there have been many exchanges available, Poloniex is the one that always found to be the first and best exchange among all Exchanges. Poloniex offers modern trading options that includes high security for traders. Thus, it has been in the top in search list of many traders.

Among that, only few traders who own some cryptocurrency will prefer in developing a website similar as like exchanges in Poloniex. When compared to other exchanges, Poloniex will not support to buy cryptocurrency in exchange to fiat currencies. It entirely supports only crypto to crypto exchanges.

Why Poloniex?

As a known fact, Poloniex exchange is one of most popular and largest cryptocurrency market platforms in the crypto world. It offers huge count of trading in Bitcoins. To know about Poloniex, it was founded by Tristan D’Agosta in 2014 and has its headquarters in San Francisco. At the beginning, the platform have built for the US market but as days went off, it have grown with its popularity and enhanced trading sales figures attract the trading all over the world. 

The main reason to prefer crypto exchange similar as Poloniex is that it is user-friendly and best to utilize than other exchange scripts. The poloniex exchange include three main features like Buy order, Sell Order and Stop limit rule. Due to this advanced roles, Poloniex is chosen for trading to reach wide traders.

Pulsehyip, a leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development company can provide you with a reliable Poloniex Clone script for the development of an Exchange like Poloniex. Get in touch with us.


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