Creating customized Hardware Cryptowallet

The Trezor Hardware wallet was developed by the company SatoshiLabs in 2014 located in Czech Republic and is one of the first and most secured hardware wallet ever released for the storage of Cryptocurrencies in offline mode(without any internet connection).The Trezor wallet has the provision for the storage and exchange of wide range of Cryptocurrencies. Tresor cannot to affected by any kind of malware as it will not be connected to the online server. Its much easy to use and has simple user interface and is Widows, OSx, Mac OS, AndroidOS and Linux friendly. Trezor make it easy to store a large number of cryptocurrencies in a secured and inactive manner even for a long period of time.

Unique Features of Trezor wallet

Transparent and Open source mode of security- The components that stores and manages the private keys and digital identities are transparent(I.e)any developer can read and verify about the function of the device.

The accessing of wallet using PIN number by the user in order to buys or sell the crypto coins- To avoid unauthorized physical access the by setting up PIN which is 4-10 numbers long.

Handing of Private keys only by the user- There wont be any third party holding the users private keys.

The provision of Recovery seed- The recovery seed consist of 12-24 words which will be uniquely generated by Trezor, initially during the set up of the device. This sentence must be kept safely in case the users device get lost, it will help in recovery of data and Cryptocurrencies in a new device when the seed is entered as such.

The Passphrase protection- The passphrase contains words or sentence which when set up, the user will be asked for passphrase every time trezor is used. With the help of passphrase the trezor will be impervious to any physical attacks. It even protects the wallet even if someone has stolen the Recovery seed for user. Without the passphrase the theif wont be able to access the Crypto coins.

The use of Cryptography to manage Passwords- the user will be able to encrypt each and every password by just a simple click in their trezor device. This data is then automatically uploaded in encrypted form to the user’s private cloud storage which will always be available when needed. The password manager can be handled using a simple pin.The wallet has the ability to store unlimited number of keys. One can generate as many hidden wallets using the Passphrase.

Top security features including U2F two factor Authentication and Password manager are being used in Trezor.

The Trezor screen also help to confirm the transaction between the interested recipient.

The Trezor buttons will help to avoid hackers trying to send or receive the cryptocoins as the buttons has to be physically pressed in order to carry out the transaction.

The device is small and sturdy- The device easily fits into the palm and it is tamper proof, water resistant and is extremely durable.

Both the Trezor model T and Trezor One has trusted display- Added to Trezor T has added feature of large full color touch screen which is an advantage in checking the address while sending and receiving crypto coins, for confirming the request for all major processes and for the display of recovery seed.

The important features the should be included in a Bitcoin wallet App is listed below

Authorization- The most important feature, includes the user sign in and sign up processes. The more easier it is, the more will the user use the app.

Profile/ Dashboard- The details about the transactions history and balance in the wallet can be checked here.

Security- The PIN code or the password mode of protection, 2- factor authentication, Auto logout feature, Unique public Key for every transaction.

QR Scanner- The easiest way to send and request valued transactions.

Conversion rates- The exchange rates vary at every day and building an app with this facility will help the traders very much.

Push Notifications- To notify the app users about any changes in Bitcoin market price etc.

Merchant services- The inclusion of Retail services will allow the users to use the bitcoins for purchases which will increase the user flow to the app.

Address Book- The details about frequently used addresses which will be helpful for Business personnel.

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